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About Red Mountain

David, Mitzi, and Justin Richards

David, Mitzi, and Justin Richards

Red Mountain Truck Lines, Inc was founded in May 1990 by David and Mitzi Richards starting with 3 power units. David started hauling petroleum products for North Hill Truck Lines/leased to Town Pump (a Montana based gas station organization) under the ownership of Glen Jenkins in 1984. Glen Jenkins became very ill with cancer years later and in 1990 sold out to David. Glen Jenkins was a vital role model who taught David the ins and outs of the business and helped him greatly along the way.

In 2011, Red Mountain Truck Lines Inc. took over fuel transport operations in the Billings, Montana area, and in 2018 Red Mountain Truck Lines Inc. started fuel operations in parts of the Missoula, Montana area, under the guidance of David and Mitzi’s son, Justin Richards.  Justin has been involved in Red Mountain Truck Lines Inc. nearly his entire life. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Montana State University and plans to be in the petroleum transportation business for many decades to come.

Over 30 years later, we now operate over 35 power units hauling petroleum, propane, and hot oil.  Hauling fuel under contract for Town Pump has provided our company with consistent year-long work and steady growth over the last 30 years. Our success is largely in part the result of the great success Town Pump has had because of Montana residents being loyal to a Montana owned and operated company, and from the help of the best fuel transport drivers the industry has.  Red Mountain Truck Lines Inc. has grown exponentially in the propane transportation business within the last 5 years.  The most recent addition to the Red Mountain Fleet are hot oil trailers, adding another great commodity to the business.

Red Mountain Truck Lines Inc. is proud of its 30 year reputation for the best petroleum hauling company in Montana!

Quick Facts

  • Started in May 1990 by David & Mitzi Richards in Butte, Montana
  • Town Pump partnership
  • 30+ years of operation
  • Propane transportation
  • Expanded to Billings area in 2011 
  • Expanded to Missoula area in 2018 
  • Hot Oil transportation